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Carlos was born in Bogota, Colombia and had the good fortune to have been raised in Interesting Places like India and Mexico, where he delighted in observing and absorbing the best that those cultures offered.
He is inspired by nature’s rhythms and forces as well as all of life’s emotions, whether good or bad. This has found its' expression in his paintings, which he enjoys creating, by using clashing colors to translate his feelings and then infusing them back into his work. As a Latin American Architect and artist, his inspiration also comes from his own native colorful and joyous culture. His projects intend to cultivate a sense of balance and contrast. His painting techniques include a fusion of his love of architecture and wildlife. He has displayed his work in several New York City galleries and has had the ability to provide art services directly to projects. After designing projects for more than seven years he has seen some success by winning awards both nationally and internationally for his architectural urban design.
He's focus will be join culture and architecture as a unit.

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