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Calicho Arevalo is an internationally acclaimed artist based in NYC, celebrated for his vibrant large-scale paintings, murals, sculptures, and digital art. Born in Bogota, Colombia, he seamlessly integrates four essential elements into his creations: three-line stripes, wildlife, doodles, and portals.

Untitled_Artwork - 2024-02-21T123114.873.jpg

Infusing his native culture into his work, Calicho draws inspiration primarily from New York City, which serves as his greatest muse and ignited his journey as an artist. The three stripes symbolize his Colombian heritage, reminiscent of the Colombian flag. Wildlife references in his art evoke a profound connection to the symbolism of animals, reflecting the deep emotional bonds people share with these creatures. His daring use of dark portals symbolizes the passage of time and space, embodying the resilience required to endure hardships and emerge stronger.


We are GOLD

Doodles within his artwork represent diversity, simplicity, and freedom. Through his recent collection, "Rebirth Darkness," Calicho masterfully incorporates all four elements, advocating for inclusivity and conveying the message that every human is as valuable as gold.

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