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NYC City of Dreams

The Creative Director and fellow Dreamer on this project, Latin-born artist Calicho Arevalo, guides audiences through a series of excerpts made by New Yorkers about their hopes and dreams for the future. The hope for this project is to inspire viewers to identify their dreams and realize its influence they have on the world. The intentions behind this are even more poignant as Calicho speaks about the impermanent nature of life. He suggests how people can more deeply feel the joys of life when one holds a dream for the future in their heart. It is a beautiful reminder of the power in believing in your fullest potential. Valuing a vision for the future can be a true antidote to the shadow side of life. Calicho takes us on a journey that connects us to one another and uplifts a commanding message that makes this story worth telling. 

The art installation designed by Calicho in partnership with Art to Ware uses models of paper planes and painted jungle animals to symbolize dreams and diversity, reflecting the always-present pulse beating throughout the heart of NYC. 

This project invites audiences to become part of its community of dreamers by letting your dreams fly too. You can download one of Calicho’s hand-designed paper planes and share your dreams with the world by using the hashtag #NYCcityofdreams - and don’t forget to dream BIG!

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