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One Art space is pleased to announce “GOLD Oro Puro". Internationally renowned artist and architect from Colombia, Calicho Arevalo is honored to welcome you to his first solo art exhibition. This curated collection will include 20 select pieces planned over his last three years in NYC. Just as the humpback whale migrates from the south to the north, Calicho from Bogota, Colombia, came to NY to continue his studies in architecture, but the vibrance and passion of the city developed his intensity for art. Inspired by the contrast in cultures of Latin America and Northern America. Calicho incorporates inspiration ofhis people and culture, alongside the stark buildings of opportunity NYC offers. The lushness of Latin fruit, the wildness of Amazonian animals. The bright and vibrant colors of Colombia align cohesively
with the direct clean lines of architecture. Calicho expresses the relationship between history and
humanity, incorporating indigenous people, and the gold that inspired this collection. The pieces
selected for “GOLD Oro Puro” were inspired by the lust and hunt for gold that inspired travels from allends of the world to Colombia. The desire and travels for opportunity spans eras, races and nationalities. In this passion, search, hunt for life’s treasure, Calicho has found that humanity,
community is the treasure, the oro puro.

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oro puro

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